Today, in every apartment there is such a device as a TV, but not everyone knows and understands how to properly care for it so that it serves as long as possible, because repairing a TV is not such a simple matter.

What is needed for this? Using the TV correctly is not so difficult, the main thing is to start taking care of it immediately after you bring your purchase home. The first thing to do is to choose the most suitable place for the TV. As a rule, the TV is installed in one specific place, and it should be so that direct sunlight does not fall on its screen. In addition, the TV should be positioned as far away from heating appliances in the room as possible.

A very important factor when installing the TV is a sufficient distance from the ventilation openings, it is necessary that these openings are not blocked by anything. If this requirement is not met, overheating will become inevitable. If a trouble with the TV still occurs, it is better not to try to repair it yourself, as this can lead to the most serious consequences, because repairing a TV will require not only the experience of the master, but also the appropriate equipment. When caring for your TV, you should follow the recommendations of the technical documentation, which are quite workable.


The TV must be switched off after six hours of continuous operation. It is not recommended to switch the device on and off often, the interval should be at least 15 seconds. In addition, the TV screen must be protected from shocks. To make the TV always look like a new one, you should not touch the screen with your fingers, it is better to make it a rule not to touch it once again, since fingerprints become visible on it, it quickly becomes dirty, and you have to think about how to correctly clean.

A natural question arises, how to clean the screen so as not to harm the TV. Of course, few people would think to wash their TV screen with water. In addition, you should never wipe the TV screen with alcohol, or any other product containing alcohol. This is due to the fact that the TV screen is covered with a special protective film against glare, which is inaccessible to human eyes. It is for this reason that the screen must not be cleaned with baking soda or washing powder, as well as other products containing solid particles – they are guaranteed to damage the screen's protective film. A reusable soft microfiber cloth is perfect for this. Such a napkin will perfectly cope not only with dust or grease, but also with stains that remain from your fingers. 

Moreover, you can use a napkin not only dry, but also wet. It must be remembered that safety rules should be followed when cleaning the TV screen. Before cleaning, the TV must be unplugged from the outlet, as it may be injured when the TV is plugged in. It is better to use the TV in rooms where a lot of dust does not accumulate. Observing all these very simple rules, you can be sure that the device in the near future will not need such a procedure as repairing TVs, which is better done in a specialized service center, where a guarantee will be given for the work done.


TV repair at home – how to call a master?
Sometimes, in order to save money, TV owners try to repair them on their own. Armed with tools, they try to identify the problem and fix their TV on their own. In most cases, this independence gives a negative result. In the best case, it stops working. It is especially worthwhile to start repairing the TV with caution during the warranty period of the equipment. Any master will immediately determine that they tried to "cure" the technique on their own. And in this case, the repair of the TV will already be paid. In any case, repairing a TV, especially modern models, requires special knowledge and skills. Trust repairs only to friends Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket .

In order not to try your luck in this matter, it is enough to entrust the repair of your TV to the team of professionals of our service center "Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket" and you will receive the repaired unit in working order as soon as possible. Our masters visit the customer's home, carry out a full diagnosis, identify problems and fix them on the spot.

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